About us

Single distillery bottlings

The Hebridean port of Scalasaig is the setting off point for our ‘Island Hopper’, the beginning of our journey of discovery.

The brand is bottled under the stewardship of Colonsay Beverages, based at this tiny port  village on the Isle of Colonsay, some 10 miles north-west of its more famous whisky neighbour, Islay.

We make gin and we discover whisky.

As we voyage round the coast of Scotland searching out the finest malts we occasionally come across truly exceptional maritime casks, the very finest spirits created by the industry’s most accomplished distillers.

Some may be relatively young, some very mature and well-aged.

All have one thing in common:
They are, for us, the very finest examples of what individual island and coastal distilleries have to offer.

As we discover these rare liquid treasures we set them aside for our Single Casks and Single Distillery Vintages bottling often as few as 180 bottles at a time.

These will be released when they are ready. As simple as that. It may be some of these malts will be refilled into other casks for a final finishing with a sweeting of sherry, or the fruity complexity of French wine barriques.

However they end up you can be certain they will have a place in discerning drinkers’ collections alongside the very best.